Photo: Kegan Marling

FRESH WORKS! awards commissions to support the creation of new work by transgender, gender-nonconforming and queer artists of color: we present these new works at our annual FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL.

FRESH WORKS! commissions are awarded by invitation only: we are not accepting submissions at this time. Learn about submitting work to the FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL.

During FY 2019-20, we awarded commissions to (left to right): Star Amerasu, Tajah J,The Singing Bois, and Jahaira Fajardo and Angelica Medina. We presented these new works at our 18th annual FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL of trans and queer performance June 20-22 at Z Space in San Francisco.  

Congratulations to these brilliant artists and ensembles on their powerful new work!