CONJURE/STIR (Video Postcard #2 / Sean Dorsey Dance)

INVOCATION (Video Postcard #1 / Sean Dorsey Dance)

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BREATHE WITH US for 2 minutes! (For image descriptions, see description below)

Ten Deep Breaths With Sean Dorsey Dance

BOYS IN TROUBLE (Sean Dorsey Dance) -- now on a 20-city tour

Lottie Riot Performs at Fresh Meat Fest 2019 June 21 & 22

Sean Dorsey Dance Performs at Fresh Meat 2019 June 20-22

2019 Fresh Meat Festival -- Access Info

Vogue dance ensemble kNOwSHADE performs at Fresh Meat Festival June 20-22, 2019

Bachata team, Jahaira Fajardo and Angelica Medina at Fresh Meat Fest 2019 (June 20-22)

TAJAH J at Fresh Meat Festival 2019

Boys In Trouble - Sean Dorsey Dance

Sean Dorsey Dance's 15th Anniversary Home Season: BOYS IN TROUBLE

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