20 Commissioned Artists for 20 Years of Fresh Meat Productions!

Fresh Meat Productions is COMMISSIONING 20 ARTISTS to create new work to celebrate our 20th ANNIVERSARY! 


The Dictionary Of Joy & Pleasure is a free, interactive online resource that offers a compendium of possibilities for YOU to experience joy, pleasure and other awesome feelings. We awarded commissions to 10 brilliant artist-activists to create their own lists from A-Z of things that give them JOY and PLEASURE. When we launch the Dictionary in September 2021, you’ll be able to click on any letter of the alphabet to be transported to a galaxy of possibilities! 

Pictured (l-r): Deja “The Lady Deja” Smith, Dena Stanley, and Charlie Jane Anders
Pictured (l-r): JanpiStar and Tamara Ching
Pictured (l-r): J Mase III, TupiliLea Arellano with StormMiguel Florez, and Toby MacNutt
Pictured (l-r): NEVE and Patty Berne


FRESH WORKS! awards commissions to support the creation of new work by BlPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) transgender, gender-nonconforming, non-binary and queer artists. We will present the world premieres of these commissioned works at our 2021 FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL of trans and queer performance (June 18-27, Online / FREE/ Closed-Captioned). Please join us!

Pictured (l-r): DANDY (Randy Ford + David Rue), Mark Travis Rivera, and Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi
Pictured (l-r): J Mase III, Antoine Hunter/Purple Fire Crow, and Angelica Medina + Jahaira Fajardo


We commissioned 4 brilliant visual artists and illustrators to design and create a new piece of art … especially for you! In August 2021, we will launch POSTCARDS FROM THE FUTURE! Upon request, we will mail you a personalized, hand-written note on one of these exquisite postcards for free!

Pictured (l-r): art twink and TupiliLea E. Arellano
Pictured (l-r): Wriply M. Bennet and liminal hymn