2019 Fresh Meat Fest Artist Spotlight: #kNOwSHADE



Fresh Meat Productions asked the 2019 Fresh Meat Festival artists some questions. Read what they had to say in their own words!



Q: Describe what you will be performing for us at the FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL.

A: We are using spoken word to share our stories. We acknowledge everyone’s individual journey, and we want to explore those narratives as we bring reflection, celebration, and VOGUE to the Fresh Meat stage!  


Q: Why is it important to have a festival that centers trans and queer performance?

A: Trans and queer artists are pioneers in many creative arenas, but we often have our voices and access stifled. Festivals such as Fresh Meat allow us to keep art fun, interesting, and innovative.


Q: What’s one thing you wish for trans and queer communities?

A: It’s our hope that more trans and queer folk explore the therapeutic aspects of art, and how that can relate to their personal journeys. There is healing in art making.


Q: Who are some of your artistic inspirations?

A: Besides icons like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Gaga, we also look up to the Ballroom greats such as Dashaun Lanvin, the late Cassandra Ebony, the late founding mother Danielle Revlon and Leiomy Maldonado.  


Q:  How is trans and queer art changing the world?

A: Trans and queer individuals are changing the world because these artists are keeping art interesting and fun– we have angles to tell stories from that others won’t have. There is power in our narratives. We are braver and more equipped to take risks on stage because we take risks everyday, just existing in our skin. We push art forward!


Q: What is something kNOwSHADE is looking forward to artistically? Any upcoming projects we should know about?

A: Artistically, #kNOwSHADE want to keep Vogue elevated and on the calabur of other mainstream dances. It is one of the most exciting movement styles in the dancescape, and we want to teach people the intent behind the expressiveness of the movement. Vogue is not just about pageantry!


#kNOwSHADE will perform all three nights of the FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL – June 20, 21, 22


FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL of Trans & Queer Performance
June 20-22
at Z Space – San Francisco

Tix and info:

Z Space is wheelchair accessible
ASL will be provided all three nights
Z Space bathrooms are gender neutral and use unscented cleaning & soap products
Please arrive fragrance-free