Fresh Meat Productions is thrilled to announce our 2023 FRESH WORKS! Commissioned Artists! We awarded grants to these six brilliant artists to create new work: Elena Rose, KING LOTUS BOY, transcriptions01, Charles Peoples III, NEVE, and Andrea Horne.

FRESH WORKS! supports the creation of new work by BlPOC transgender, gender-nonconforming, non-binary and queer artists.

Save the date! We will present the world premieres of these new works at the 2023 FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL of trans and queer performance (June 14-18 at Z Space, SF).

Elena Rose

Elena Rose, a Filipina-Ashkenazi trans lesbian, is an internationally-recognized writer, preacher, and community organizer. She has performed with the Fresh Meat Festival, Mangos With Chili, the Speak! Radical Women of Color Media Collective, Queer Rebels, Brouhaha, and Girl Talk: a Cis and Trans Women’s Dialogue, which she co-curated; co-edited the book Queer and Trans Artists of Color, Volume 2, with Nia Levy King; and teaches and consults extensively. Elena serves on the Board of Directors for the Bay’s Queer Cultural Center and the Allied Media Projects in Detroit.

Photo credit: Kegan Marling


LOTUS BOY is a shapeshifting, transgender and nonbinary, unapologetically disabled and chronically ill-USTRIOUS, Chinese-American Drag King and anti-disciplinary artist based in occupied Lisjan Ohlone Land (Oakland, CA). Ze explores gender fluidity, accessibility, and healing from trauma through the mediums of poetry, lipsync, ancestral movement (qigong), and original music. King LOTUS BOY’s work uplifts issues regarding ableism, anti-Asian racism, transphobia, and sustainability, often incorporating humor as a vessel of universal connection. With every performance, he aims to help the audience learn—or unlearn—something about themselves and the world around them. LOTUS BOY is on the Board of Directors for Oaklash, the Bay Area’s drag festival, and the Drag & Spirituality Summit. When not onstage, LOTUS BOY also brings drag and gender exploration workshops to high schools in SF and Oakland. 

Photo credit: Robbie Sweeny


Peekaboo under the appellation transcriptions (they/them) is an experimental cellist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and youth educator situated on Ramaytush Ohlone land (SF). Their compositions are rooted in honoring the essence and spirit of Filipinx/Latinx past, present and future Queer ancestors, prioritizing sonic exploration practices towards the decolonization of Euro-centric structures embedded in youth and adult music education and performance. Their “expressions” dive into drag, theater and improvisational soundscaping, performing in spaces such as Counterpulse, the STUD, Aunt Charlie’s Lounge, Brava Theater and more. They’re mobilizing to grow a youth music program, visiting classrooms and collaborating with Bay Area educators.

Photo credit: courtesy of artist

Charles Peoples III

Charles Peoples III (He/They) is a performing artist, composer, lyricist, and choreographer. He uses sound, movement, and visual storytelling to create experiences that bend towards mysticism, spirituality, queerness, and transformation. Charles has performed his music at multiple conferences, workshops, and theaters; significant mentions include the 9th International Sound Healing Conference, the New Living Expo, Oakland Pride Festival, San Jose Pride Festival, and the Lesher Center for the Arts. Currently a grad student at Dartmouth College, Charles is researching societal/individual misremembering and the therapeutic value of performance. He is now merging his interests in ancient ritual, storytelling, and shamanism with technology to create transformative, mystical, and immersive performances. @CPIIIMusic “We are love. We are one.”

Photo credit: courtesy of artist


NEVE (they/(s)he) is a Disabled, multiracial, multidimensional dramatic terpsichorean multigender femme artist. They are an Indigenous African living in Duwamish country and traveling wherever they have access/an invitation. (S)He is a 2020 Pina Bausch Fellow, a 2022 Arc Artist Fellow and a Disability Ford Futures Fellow! NEVE loves life, the delights and pains of love, the higher power inside us, the earth’s lullabies and war cries, drinking color, and dreaming with their queer family (especially their cat child Caravaggio). They collaborate with fellow Seattle multidisciplinary artist Saira Barbaric as MouthWater.

Photo credit: courtesy of artist

Andrea Horne

A 40 year resident of San Francsco. Former Performer. A black trans woman fighting for Social Jusitice and Equality for the trans community, worldwide

Photo credit: Niko LaFratta