All-levels Bachata workshop for trans/LGBTQ/allies with Angelica Medina and Jahaira Fajardo!

with Angelica Medina and Jahaira Fajardo

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

6pm – 8pm
Come a little early to sign in and change!

SF LGBT Center
ROOM 201

1800 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102


All levels welcome – no experience necessary.  Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable dance attire and bring water.  There will be an all-gender restroom/changing room available.

Jahaira & Angelica will be teaching a Beginner – Level Bachata footwork- and partner-work class. No partner or experience is necessary. We can’t wait to share the dance floor with you!
The mission of In Lak’ech Dance Academy is to co-create a community of queer, trans and ally dancers to celebrate our resilience, nurture our collective strength and heal from oppression. Through our visibility and artistic expression we are redefining the Latin dance community as a safe and affirming space for all gender identities and sexualities.

Questions? Read below – and if you still have questions, email us at!

* WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? Jahaira and Angelica will start by introducing themselves, as well as giving a brief description of where Bachata music comes from. Then we will lead a warm-up session of basic movements just to get the body warm. Then we will explain the Bachata basic step and teach a series of different basics. Then we will break out into a big circle to engage in Partner dancing. We will teach the basic step in partner work and teach a few fun turn patterns. This will be a Beginner class, where zero experience is necessary. Also, no need to come with a partner, we will partner you up there. More than anything, we are coming together to be in community and to celebrate what are bodies can do. Super friendly, fun environment.

* YIKES! I’M AFRAID TO DANCE IN PUBLIC! We know that transgender, nonbinary and LGBTQ people often don’t feel welcome, safe or comfortable in dance studios or classes … so please know this is truly going to be a super-friendly environment!

* WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Wear clothing that you’re comfortable in – and that you can move freely around in (including laying on the floor). Please wear sweatpants, loose shorts, loose pants, leggings or any other comfortable bottoms and a comfortable shirt.

* WHERE CAN I PEE? WHERE CAN I CHANGE? We will provide access to an all-gender bathroom and an all-gender changing room.

* WILL WE WEAR SHOES? Yes. Feel free to wear, whatever kind of shoes will allow you to dance comfortably. No specific shoe is required.

* WILL THERE BE ANY TOUCH INVOLVED? Yes, Bachata is mainly Partner Dancing, so there will be physical contact. However, the first half of the class is only footwork, so if touching doesn’t feel comfortable you can participate in the first half of the class with no worries at all.

* DO I HAVE TO TALK? No, you will not need to talk if you do not want to.

* CAN I WEAR LEGWARMERS AND A SPARKLY HEADBAND? Heck yeah! Let’s make our workshop space as playful and fun as you want it!

* WAIT A SECOND: I’M NOT “IN SHAPE” … CAN I STILL COME? Heck yeah! This is for all levels, all bodies, all heart rates! You can sit down or rest or cheer from the sidelines at any time you need to!

* NO REALLY, I’M TERRIFIED … SHOULD I STILL COME? Heck yeah! This is a supportive, loving environment that is super supportive and welcoming of the terrified! Being really nervous or scared is a really common and normal feeling, and we understand what it feels like. Please come and join us!