Art of Activism: A Conversation on Toxic Masculinity


7 Stages
1105 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA

Presented in collaboration with 7 Stages.

Sean Dorsey Dance returns to Atlanta with a new show, BOYS IN TROUBLE, at 7 Stages, September 12-15. BOYS IN TROUBLE offers a trans and queer lens into questions of embodiment, violence, black queer love, whiteness, shame and posturing.

Spinning off the new Sean Dorsey Dance performance: Boys in Trouble, our Sunday brunch chat with the artists and community VIPS seeks to bring all voices to the table, connecting through story and food sharing. Sean, recognized as the nation’s first acclaimed transgender modern dance choreographer, is no stranger to 7 Stages, last igniting meaningful connections and conversations with The Missing Generation, featuring local icons such as Jim Grimsley and Gert McMillan.

Please join us for this complementary experience, thanks to Babs Midtown. As our society continues to divide over politics, we know one thing for certain, we can always eat together!

Love dance? Be sure to also check out, DANCE YOUR STORY: MOVEMENT + SELF-EXPRESSION WORKSHOP for Trans/LGBTQ/Allies with transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey at 7 Stages on Saturday September 14 from 1PM – 3PM.