AT WATER’S EDGE” and “SEEK/AFTER at the Inspired Dance Film Festival

Date & Time:


Talbot Theatre, Thomas Dixon Centre
Brisbane, Australia

Sean Dorsey Dance’s dance films, “AT WATER’S EDGE” and “SEEK/AFTER,” are screening at the Inspired Dance Film Festival in Brisbane, Australia in their Dance as Diversity screening!

Featuring mesmerizing queer dance in watery coves and ocean edges, AT WATER’S EDGE is a short dance film by award-winning transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey, featuring dancers Nol Simonse and Sean Dorsey. AT WATER’S EDGE invites us all to imagine and dream into expansive Futures.

Part of Sean Dorsey Dance’s new project The Lost Art Of Dreaming, AT WATER’S EDGE features movement created and performed by Sean Dorsey and Nol Simonse; cinematography by Annalise Ophelian; original music by Anomie Belle; costumes by Tiffany Amundson; production assistance by Shawna Virago, and choreography/direction/editing by Sean Dorsey.

Set in a dream-like rocky landscape, SEEK / AFTER is a short dance film directed by Sean Dorsey.

Featuring Sean Dorsey, Nol Simonse, Raul Torres-Bonilla and Will Woodward; filmed by Annalise Ophelian; original music composed by Frida Ibarra; costumes by Tiffany Amundson; choreographed, directed and edited by Sean Dorsey.