DANCE YOUR STORY! Trans/LGBTQ-Friendly Movement & Self-Expression Workshop with Sean Dorsey For Older Adults & Seniors



Dates: Saturday December 9, 2017
Times:  1pm-3pm
Place: San Francisco LGBT Community Center (Rainbow Room, 2nd floor)1800 Market Street, San Francisco, 94102
(There is an elevator to the 2nd floor)
Cost: FREE!
Please RSVP so we know how many people are coming:
Call Ariel at openhouse: (415) 503-4180
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This welcoming, super-friendly workshop is led by transgender choreographer and dancer Sean Dorsey. The workshop will include breathing and relaxation, very gentle stretches, gentle movement, self-expression exercises, and space for conversation. Everyone is welcome – especially terrified beginners!!!

Please join us! Please come a little early to arrive, change clothes, etc; the workshop will start at 1pm. Sean Dorsey Dance is offering this workshop in conjunction with Fresh Meat Productions, the San Francisco LGBT Community Center, the Queer Cultural Center and openhouse.

Questions? Read below – and if you still have questions, email us at!

* WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? Sean will open with some breathing and relaxation, then will lead the group through some very gentle stretching and movement exercises. The group will create our own simple movement ideas and do some self-expression exercises … and we’ll finish with some more breathing and relaxation. No experience necessary! This will be super-friendly, non-judgmental, and for ALL levels, including TOTAL or TERRIFIED beginners! This is about loving up our unique bodies and creating safe space for us all to express ourselves.

* WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Wear clothing that you’re comfortable in – and that you can move freely around in (including laying on the floor). Please wear sweatpants, loose shorts, loose pants, leggings or any other comfortable bottoms and a comfortable shirt. You can choose to be barefoot or wear sneakers.
* YIKES! I’M AFRAID TO MOVE OR DANCE IN PUBLIC! We know that transgender and nonbinary and LGBTQ people often don’t feel welcome, safe or comfortable in dance studios or classes … so please know this is truly going to be a super-friendly environment!

* WHERE CAN I PEE? WHERE CAN I CHANGE? We will provide access to an all-gender bathroom and an all-gender changing room.

* WILL WE WEAR SHOES? You can choose to be barefoot or wear sneakers – whatever is more comfortable for you!

* WILL THERE BE ANY TOUCH INVOLVED? There will be no touch involved.

* DO I HAVE TO TALK? We will be doing a supportive creative exercise that involves speaking outloud, and we will spend the last 20 minutes sharing conversation … but you can choose not to talk if you prefer! Please let Sean know when you arrive that you prefer not to speak outloud.

* CAN I WEAR LEGWARMERS AND A SPARKLY HEADBAND? Heck yeah! Let’s make our workshop space as playful and fun as you want it!

* WAIT A SECOND: I’M NOT “IN SHAPE” … CAN I STILL COME? Heck yeah! This is for all levels, all bodies, all heart rates! You can sit down or rest or cheer from the sidelines at any time you need to!
* OKAY, BUT YOU DO REALIZE I’M A SENIOR, RIGHT? Yes, absolutely! This is a very gentle, slow-moving workshop … and there will be lots of options and adaptations so you can make sure your body feels good. You can sit down or rest at ANY time too!

* NO REALLY, I’M SUPER TERRIFIED AND I’VE NEVER TAKEN A DANCE CLASS … SHOULD I STILL COME? Heck yeah! This is a super supportive, loving environment that is super supportive and welcoming of the super terrified! Being really nervous or scared is a really common and normal feeling, and we understand what it feels like. Please come and join us!

SEAN DORSEY  is a transgender and queer dancer, choreographer and writer. He is passionate about creating celebratory/supportive space for transgender and LGBTQ bodies in Dance. Dorsey created his last two shows (THE MISSING GENERATION and The Secret History Of Love) after recording oral history interviews with trans/LGBTQ elders, seniors and longtime survivors of the early AIDS epidemic. Dorsey and his company Sean Dorsey Dance have performed and taught in 27 cities across the US. Learn more about Sean Dorsey Dance.

THIS WORKSHOP SERIES IS PART OF SEAN DORSEY DANCE’S “BOYS IN TROUBLE” PROJECT & TRANS-FRIENDLY WORKSHOP SERIES AT THE SF LGBT COMMUNITY CENTER – made possible in part by a grant from The Creative Work Fund, a program of the Walter and Elise Haas Fund that also is supported by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and with support from the Queer Cultural Center.