Diagnosing Difference at Frameline at The Center

Date: August 13
Time: 7:30pm
Location: San Francisco LGBT Community Center (1800 Market Street @ Octavia, SF) [map]
Tickets: FREE

Fresh Meat Productions is proud to sponsor a free screening of Frameline33 favorite Diagnosing Difference. This special free screening includes a post-screening panel with Director Annalise Ophelian and several film participants.

What does it feel like to have your very being defined as a medical category? This groundbreaking film is the first to explore the impact of the Gender Identity Disorder (GID) diagnosis on people who identify on the trans spectrum in their own words and images.

Bypassing old-school Standards of Care for transexualism and confronting the GID mental health categorization, Diagnosing Difference lets us hear from real experts, like elder diva Miss Major who served as a trans activist helping folks in the ’60s, and San Francisco’s own Cecelia Chung contradicting “medicalization” with examples of positive trans identity in other cultures. Plus the down-to-earthiness of activist treasure Adela Vazquez and the punk rock directness of Shawna Virago, rejecting gender transition merely to become “a gender-normative person like a Stepford wife or a tv sitcom dad.” More info at

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