Date/Time/Location: Monday, June 24 at 1:30PM
Castro Theatre
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Fresh Meat Productions is proud to co-present this Frameline screening of DISRUPTED.
Coral Bonelli began life as “Pinolito,” a child actor in the rough-and-tumble film industry of 1970s Mexico. The son of a mariachi and an actress, he grew up poor but was not surprisingly, a natural performer—a passion his adoring stage mother, Lilia, soon steered into a winning movie career. After the movies gave way to the demanding cabaret circuit, “Pinolito”, announced he would henceforth be a woman—surgery and hormone treatments to follow. With ever-present and aging Lilia standing by, Coral copes with social prejudice and an already unforgiving show business environment. Today, pushing fifty and diabetic, Coral lives with Lilia in Mexico City, piecing together a living as a dance instructor, drag performer, and occasional sex worker while still pursuing the odd acting role.

Two formidable personalities anchor the narrative with their reminiscences and interactions, supplemented by family snapshots, movie clips, interviews with insiders like acclaimed director Jorge Pons, and a canny routine or two. Director Roberto Fiesco’s quietly expansive documentary feature debut (gorgeously lensed by Mario Guerrero) is a steadily evolving, revelatory portrait of gender identity, showbiz, and family set against the endemic homophobia—as well as diverse springs of acceptance—in Mexican society. Disrupted evokes a delicate balance in which the wearying task of survival and an indomitable romantic imagination live side-by-side in an often cruel but also unexpectedly generous life.

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