June 17-19, 8PM
ODC Theater

Photo by A. Ever Bolden
Design by Amy Bethancourt

It’s back! Audience favorite Fresh Meat returns with another extravaganza of exceptional transgender and queer performance. Homo hip hop, tranny glam rock, all-girl breakdance, gender-defying modern dance, gravity-defying aerial dance, cocky spoken word, steamy burlesque and the world’s first transgender gospel choir team up for this extremely popular cabaret. Known for its unprecedented and unparalleled cabarets, Fresh Meat features stellar casts of transgender and queer talent. The original venue for the Bay Area’s exploding transgender performance scene, Fresh Meat is back this year juicier than ever. Reservations strongly recommended.

ODC Theater – 3153 17th Street (@ Shotwell) San Francisco
Box Office: 415.863.9834 Tickets: $15 (reservations recommended),

Emcees: Marcus Rene Van & Nafis * Tina D’Elia & Prado Gomez * Diamond Daggers * Sean Dorsey * Harlem Shake * JenRO * Katastrophe * Maiana Minahal & Nedjula Baguio * Johnnie Pratt & Julia Serano * Shawna Virago & the Deadly Nightshades * Sisterz of the Underground * Sonya Smith & Christopher Love * Transcendence Gospel Choir *

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Fresh Meat Productions is supported by the Horizons Foundation, the San Francisco Arts Commission, the Boston Foundation, the Zellerbach Family Fund, the Queer Cultural Center and individual donors.