Fresh Meat in the Gallery

June 4-July 31
LGBT Community Center & ODC Theater

Untitled by Bobby Cheung

The Second Annual Fresh Meat in the Gallery is an historic exhibition of visual art by transgender, intersex and genderqueer artists. To celebrate our second year, we’ve expanded to two exhibitions in two galleries: Gallery One at the LGBT Community Center, and Gallery Two at ODC Theater Gallery.

Fresh Meat in the Gallery accompanies Fresh Meat 2005, our acclaimed annual festival of transgender and queer performance that runs June 16-18 at ODC Theater. A driving force in building the trans art movement, this exhibition creates a visual dialogue about gender, the body and society. It initiates an open discourse with and about subjects often left unseen or undiscussed, both within the queer community and in society at large.

Fresh Meat in the Gallery 2005 featured local, national and international artists: Jose’ Maro Alvarado, Chris Carraher (aka Dandy), Carol Nelson Ceres, Bobby Cheung, Laurie Toby Edison, Eddie Gesso, Debra Kate, Stacy Nathaniel Jackson, Billie Mandel, John Parker, Emmett Ramstad, Lacey Jane Roberts, Deb Schneider, Maxx Sizeler, Rowen Strange, C. Francis Vavra, Anja Weber, Mim Weisburd and Lanaye’ Yriqui la Yaqui.


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