Thursday, June 26 2014



Roxie Theatre[Map]

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Fresh Meat Productions is proud to co-present this Frameline screening of In The City of Shy Hunters.

This handsome collection of shorts puts transguys front and center. From seemingly familiar greetings and unfamiliar goodbyes, to finding empowerment through embodiment, to sci-fi ruminations on self and society, these shorts highlight bravely authentic, resilient, and self-defined men.

In Who Do You Think You Are, Arnaud thinks that being recognized by his ex-girlfriend should be possible. Jo slowly comes to grips with having to take the test he has been dreading. Faced with the prejudices of the receptionist, other patients, and his doctor, he braves the most invasive medical exam of his life. MyMy is an awesome Aussie experimental sci-fi short about a young transguy who makes himself a cyborg twin. In the beautiful Lit, queer twentysomethings Eva and Jessie (performance artist D’Lo) meet at a bar at last call and embark on a late-night odyssey around San Francisco. Cheryl Dunye’s provocative Black Is Blue is a look at a stealth security guard who has struggled to make his insides match his outside. A dystopic tale of gender enforcement set in a not-too-distant future, Elliot King Is Third is a sci-fi exploration of a society in which identity microchips are implanted into humans. Elliot wants to try to change his identity to live a safer life, but can he?

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