PARTS: Photos and Prints by Emma Ramstad, Shana Agid & Del La Grace Volcano

PARTS: a trans visual art exhibition

August 18 – September 8, 2004
New College Cultural Center

As trans and genderqueer artists struggle to describe who we are and what we want to become in relation to our parts, we have opportunities to muddy the boundaries of binary gender and reimagine what is possible. Parts, a show of prints and photographs by Emma Ramstad, Shana Agid, and Del LaGrace Volcano, envisions the trans body in multiple and explicit terms. Whether revealing the anatomy of a tranny cock, questioning the tranny-boy ideal in relationship to power and privilege, or exposing the risks of living in bodies that provoke anger, fear, and violence, the work in Parts begins to make public what is often left unseen or undiscussed, both within trans communities and in the mainstream imagination. The show runs from August 18th through September 8th, in the New College Cultural Center behind the café.

Sponsored and with assistance from New College’s Activism and Social Change Department, PARTS, and Fresh Meat Productions.

Ghosts by Emma Ramstad Untitled by Emma Ramstad