PLACE/PORTAL at Festival Internacional De Danza en Pantalla Chile

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Centro Cultural de España de Santiago Entrada Liberada

Sean Dorsey Dance’s dance film, “PLACE/PORTAL” has its International Premiere and Latin American Premiere at the International Screendance Festival of Chile in the Let’s Dance program!

Set in expansive fields and watery coves, PLACE / PORTAL is a dance film featuring award-winning transgender choreographer-dancer Sean Dorsey.

PLACE/PORTAL asks: what happens when a trans body is allowed to dream about the Future? This short is part of a series of 6 dance films created for Sean Dorsey Dance’s multi-year project THE LOST ART OF DREAMING.

Performed by Sean Dorsey: filmed by Annalise Ophelian; original music composed by Anomie Belle; costumes by Tiffany Amundson; choreographed, directed and edited by Sean Dorsey.