Sean Dorsey Dance at the Oakland Ballet

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Odell Johnson Performing Arts Center Oakland

We are thrilled to announce that Sean Dorsey Dance has set a section of our new show (The Lost Art Of Dreaming) on Oakland Ballet: Oakland Ballet will perform the section ‘SEEK/AFTER JOY’ at their season Rainbow Dances, May 5-7!

Sean Dorsey and longtime SDD dancer, Nol Simonse, spent time in residence with Oakland Ballet teaching this choreography. Dorsey says, “Dance can accommodate an infinite amount of human expression … but the ballet world is profoundly heteronormative: what a JOY as a trans and queer choreographer to be setting my work on Oakland Ballet for Rainbow Dances. And what a powerful time in America to be collaborating on this work.”

Sean Dorsey Dance has toured their innovative modern dance to more than 30 cities across the U.S. and abroad; and accolades have arrived in the form of prestigious national awards, commissions and grants.

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