Sean Dorsey Dance featured on KQED’s If Cities Could Dance

Sean Dorsey Dance is featured in an episode of KQED’s Webby Award-winning series If Cities Could Dance! The episode is available on YouTube (featuring Closed-Captions and Audio-Description), and is accompanied by this feature article.

An exquisite blend of dance film + mini-documentary, the episode features gorgeous footage of Sean Dorsey Dance performing at epic San Francisco locations — including Ocean Beach, Twin Peaks, Hillpoint Park, and the Cliff House.

Featuring Sean Dorsey Dance dancers Héctor Jaime, Sean Dorsey, Nol Simonse, Will Woodward.
Directed by Lindsay Gauther; Director of Photography Elie Khadra; Produced by Kelly Whelan and Masha Pershay; Featured article by Claudia Bauer.

“Meet Sean Dorsey, the first openly transgender modern dance choreographer who has brought his trans-positive performances to cities all throughout the U.S. His powerful works blend contemporary dance, queer partnering, music and spoken word. And this year, his organization Fresh Meat Productions is celebrating its 20th anniversary of fostering #trans creative expression, advocacy and education…”


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