Welcome to SEASON 1 of our #stayFRESHatHOME video series … made for you, with love, as we all shelter in place.

This FREE online series offers short videos featuring guided movement, dance, meditation, singing and MORE! These brilliant trans and queer artists come into YOUR home to support your wellness, embodiment, breath and connection.

We welcome you to listen to your body as you enjoy these videos – find videos that work for YOU and your body, rest when you need to, and don’t push through discomfort or pain. Be loving and gentle with yourself!

All videos are CLOSED CAPTIONED for Deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences.

These videos are available to you for FREE – but all these artists have been paid for their amazing work!

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Please share these videos with friends and community! #stayFRESHatHOME

Seated Dance Class

with Churro Nomi

Join SF drag queen, hostess-with-the-mostess and creatrix CHURRO NOMI for this 12-minute seated dance class.

Self Compassion Guided Meditation

with Fresh "Lev" White

Join along in this 20-minute meditation for trans, gender non-binary and beyond communities.

Condition and Stretch

with Will Woodward

Get your whole body warmed up with this 13-minute core workout and dynamic stretching sequence.

#stayFRESHatHOME Mix

with DJ LA Frida

Get in the #stayFRESHatHOME mood with this hour-long set by DJ La Frida!

Singing "Where You Go, Baby"

with NEVE Mazique

Sing along to this a cappella version of the Unitarian Universalist hymn “Where You Go” by Shoshana Jedwab. Let’s uplift love, solidarity, loyalty, and justice in this 16-minute video. 

Bachata Basics

with Jahaira and Angelica

Here’s the perfect 19-minute introduction to Bachata dance! Learn some of the basic steps with these world champion dancers! 


with Tajah J

Gift yourself this 9-minute vocal lesson! You’ll find the embodied support and preparation you need to belt out your favorite song!

Video Lighting Tips

with Gwen Park

Learn these extremely useful tips and tricks of video lighting in this 4-minute how-to! You’ll be the most well-lit participant in any video conference call.

Urban Jazz Dance Moves

taught in ASL

with Antoine Hunter

Join us in this 40-minute dance class that combines Jazz movement and American Sign Language (ASL)!

Points of Direction

with Marc Brew

Channel your creativity with this 8-minute lesson on making dance in confined spaces!

Let's Move!

with Randy Ford

Get your entire body moving with this fabulous 8-minute warm up.

A Quick Breath for the Ancestors

with J Mase III

Take a moment to be guided through breath, poetry, and a creative exercise in this 5-minute grounding.