The Secret History of Love in the Press!

Sean Dorsey Dance’s home season performances of The Secret History Of Love (March 28-31, 2013) created major buzz in San Francisco and national media!

Sean Dorsey Dance was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Dance Magazine, The Advocate Magazine, San Francisco Magazine, San Francisco Examiner, SF Weekly, SF Bay Guardian, In Dance, Tranifesto, and Original Plumbing Magazine! Read all press articles here…

VIRTUOSIC … shifts from humor to pathos in the blink of an eye … Celebrates the body’s power and joy in movement, its articulateness, its comfort in itself, and its sheer ability to bear 75 minutes of physical and emotional intensity…”

I BECAME PASSIONATE about uncovering, documenting and sharing stories that get lost from mainstream history and fall between the pages of family albums…”

OVER THE COURSE OF TWO YEARS, renowned transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey sought LGBT people ages 55-88, to record their own version of history, ranging from joyous to heartbreaking. The stories then sprouted his new show…”

THE SECRET OF SECRET HISTORY IS THAT IT’S ABOUT ALL OF US: our vulnerability, our deep need to connect and the risks we take to do so, how we’re all in the same rickety little boat, hoping to navigate to safe harbor…”

AFTER 4 GREAT SHOWS IN CHICAGO, we all got in the Sean Dorsey Dance ‘family van’ and drove to Whitewater WI. As we drove in, we passed Romney sign after Romney sign…”

SEAN DORSEY, OPENLY TRANSGENDER CHOREOGRAPHER, winner of two Isadora Duncan Awards, and one of Dance Magazine’s ‘Top 25 to Watch’ in 2010, continues his project of making modern dance narratives about queer experience…”

WHEN I PUT A SCORE TOGETHER I often already have a sense of the flavor of what the movement will be…”

SEAN DORSEY DANCE’S THE SECRET HISTORY OF LOVE, a suite of dances that explores the underground ways that LGBT have survived and loved against tremendous odds, is an important reminder of the hidden pre-history to the current public struggle for gay rights…”

Matt Kailey: How did you get interestedin dance and choreography?
Sean Dorsey: I have always loved dance and movement. I spent a lot of time twirling around my living room in my leotard, dancing to records as a kid…”

DORSEY HAS DEVELOPED A PERSONAL LANGUAGE in which words and movement are irrevocably fused, each drawing its energy and expressive power from the other…”