Fresh Meat Productions builds community by creating, presenting and touring year-round transgender performing arts programs. Our award-winning programs invest in trans and queer artists as powerful agents of change, promote transgender expression and visibility, provide mentorship and learning, promote social justice and transform culture. Our guiding principles are access, relevance, artistic excellence and community engagement.

Fresh Meat Productions’ award-winning programs foster cross-community solidarity and the evolution of transgender arts and culture. Fresh Meat’s performances, programs and events are celebrated for their artistic excellence, accessibility, relevance and innovation.

Fresh Meat’s programs empower transgender artists and audiences, expand the repertoire of original work authentically exploring transgender experience, bring visibility to transgender and gender-non-conforming communities, connect transgender artists with diverse audiences, promote the artistic development of emerging and established transgender artists, elevate trans and queer voices, stories and bodies that have historically been excluded from the arts, promote dialogue and build community. Fresh Meat Productions was founded in 2002 by Artistic Director Sean Dorsey and is based in San Francisco.

Fresh Meat Productions is the first and only organization of our kind in the US. Join our email list or learn about our upcoming events.



“fierce and fine-tuned…history in the making”(Bay Area Reporter)

“the next generation of cultural innovators”(Critical Dance)

“raising the bar for LGBT performance”(Bay Area Reporter)