Fresh Meat Productions invests in the creative expression and cultural leadership of transgender and gender-nonconforming communities. We create and commission new work, present performing arts programs, conduct education and engagement, and advocate for intersectional justice and equity in the Arts.

Grid of Fresh Meat Festival artists

We believe that the arts are a powerful tool for social justice and cultural transformation: our guiding principles are relevance, access, artistic excellence and solidarity.

Operating in a world that harms and excludes trans bodies and expression, Fresh Meat Productions lifts up trans and gender-nonconforming artists as agents of change. Our award-winning national programs support the creative expression, artistic development and leadership of trans, gender-nonconforming and queer communities; empower and connect audiences; foster dialogue and learning; promote the evolution of transgender arts and culture; and build vibrant, resilient, connected communities.

Fresh Meat Productions is invested in the liberation of all communities — we stand for trans/gender justice, racial justice, disability justice, immigrant justice, economic and social justice, and understand these as intersectional movements.

Fresh Meat Productions was founded in 2002 by transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey and is based in San Francisco. Join our email list or read more about our upcoming programs, performances, workshops and events.

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