Fresh Meat Productions invests in the creative expression and cultural leadership of transgender and gender-nonconforming communities. We create and commission new work, present performing arts programs, conduct education and engagement, and advocate for justice and equity in the Arts.

Our programs are authentically and intentionally reflective of – and deeply relevant to – transgender and gender-nonconforming communities:

Creation & Performance of New Work

Sean Dorsey Dance

Our resident dance company Sean Dorsey Dance creates, performs and nationally tours original
works by transgender trailblazer Artistic Director Sean Dorsey, and leads trans and LGBTQI+
dance education and community engagement.

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FRESH WORKS! awards commissions to support the creation of new work by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) transgender, gender non-conforming, Two Spirit, non-binary and queer artists.

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TRANSfutures Commissions

TRANSfutures Commissions (formerly Seed Commissions) are community-nominated, unrestricted artist grants for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) transgender, gender non-conforming, Two Spirit and non-binary artists.

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Performing Arts Programs & Events


Our FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL of transgender and queer performance is an annual 3-day, multi-disciplinary performance festival that centers BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) artists.

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Community Partnerships

We co-sponsor and financially support transgender and gender-nonconforming community-based arts

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Engagement & Education

#stayFRESHatHome Video Series

This FREE online series offers short videos featuring guided movement, dance, meditation, singing and MORE! All videos are closed-captioned.

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National Guest Teaching, Residencies, and Speaking Engagements

Sean Dorsey and members of the Company conduct year-round, national guest teaching and in-
school residencies. Dorsey has taught with his trans-supportive pedagogy at more than 40
colleges, universities and festivals across the US.

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National Trans-Supportive Dance Education

Our trans-friendly Terrified-Beginners, All-Levels, and Dance Your Story classes and workshops
are led by Sean Dorsey and Sean Dorsey Dance company dancers. These classes and workshops
are designed to be supportive of transgender, trans, non-binary, Two-Spirit and gender-
nonconforming bodies and creative expression.

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Advocacy: TRANSform Dance

TRANSform Dance

Our national advocacy and education program TRANSform Dance provides resources, education
and leadership development in order to identify and remove systemic barriers, increase trans/gender-nonconforming participation and leadership, and advance intersectional trans equity in Dance.

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