Our TRANS-FRIENDLY TERRIFIED BEGINNERS and TRANS-FRIENDLY ALL-LEVELS classes and workshops are led by Sean Dorsey and Sean Dorsey Dance company dancers. These classes and workshops are designed to be supportive of transgender, trans, non-binary and gender-nonconforming bodies and creative expression.

Sean Dorsey is a transgender dancer, choreographer and activist and is celebrated as the US’ first acclaimed transgender modern dance choreographer. Dorsey has danced professionally, created dance-theater and advocated for trans equity in Dance for over 20 years.

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Why trans-friendly dance classes and workshops?

We have experienced first-hand the fact that most dance spaces are neither safe nor welcoming of transgender and gender-nonconforming people. Lots of things act as barriers to keep our bodies and creative expression out of dance spaces: gendered restrooms and changing rooms, lack of trans leadership and teachers, binary-gendered movement and choreography, spaces that are not wheelchair accessible, classes that are not open to mixed abilities, size- and fat-phobia, gendered language used by teachers, studios that ask for ID with class check-in, gendered choreography taught in classes and much more.

We celebrate transgender, trans, non-binary and gender-nonconforming bodies, voices and creative expression as beautiful, powerful and important. We declare our bodies to be wise, capable and resilient. We have endured shaming, violence, exclusion, censorship and other barriers to our participation and leadership.

We need and deserve role models. We need and deserve supportive space to move and create.

What do these classes and workshops look like?

This welcoming, super-friendly workshop is led by transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey and his company dancers. The workshop will include breathing and relaxation, simple stretches, beginner contemporary dance/movement exercises, and time for conversation. Everyone is welcome – especially terrified beginners! Please join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

* WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? Sean will open with some breathing and relaxation, then will lead the group through some stretching, a warmup, technique exercises, combinations and some Sean Dorsey Dance repertory/choreography. We will finish with some more breathing and relaxation. All levels welcome! This will be super-friendly, non-judgmental, and for ALL levels! This is also about loving up our unique bodies and creating safe space for us all to express ourselves.

* YIKES! I’M AFRAID TO DANCE IN PUBLIC! We know that transgender, non-binary and LGBTQ people often don’t feel welcome, safe or comfortable in dance studios or classes … so please know this is truly going to be a super-friendly environment!

* WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Wear clothing that you’re comfortable in – and that you can move freely around in (including laying on the floor). Please wear sweatpants, loose shorts, loose pants, leggings or any other comfortable bottoms and a comfortable shirt.

Sean Dorsey teaching a dance class

* WHERE CAN I PEE? WHERE CAN I CHANGE? We will provide access to an all-gender bathroom and an all-gender changing room.

* WILL WE WEAR SHOES? We will be dancing barefoot.

* WILL THERE BE ANY TOUCH INVOLVED? There will be no touch involved.

* DO I HAVE TO TALK? We will create space for introductions and conversation, but you can choose not to speak at ALL if you prefer.

* CAN I WEAR LEGWARMERS AND A SPARKLY HEADBAND? Heck yeah! Let’s make our workshop space as playful and fun as you want it!

* WAIT A SECOND: I’M NOT “IN SHAPE” … CAN I STILL COME? Heck yeah! This is for all levels, all bodies, all heart rates! You can sit down or rest or cheer from the sidelines at any time you need to!

* NO REALLY, I’M TERRIFIED … SHOULD I STILL COME? Heck yeah! This is a supportive, loving environment that is super supportive and welcoming of the terrified! Being really nervous or scared is a really common and normal feeling, and we understand what it feels like. Please come and join us!