Drains: Recent Prints and Stitch Work by E. Ramstad

May 2 – May 31, 2005
Jon Sims Center for the Arts (Gallery)

Untitled by E. Ramstad

Join us for a groundbreaking new visual art exhibition by outstanding genderqueer printmaker E. Ramstad. Ramstad’s artwork incorporates monoprinting and stitching on both paper and fabric and explores issues of privacy, fragmentation, transformation and exposure within the genderqueer community.

“In my most recent work I am interested in looking within the trans community at ideas of gender instead of relying on outside interpretations. I am interested in how we transform our bodies to actualize our fantasies and feel a sense of comfort and security. The stitch work on my prints reminds me of customizing clothing to fit a body, also surgically tailoring a body to fit the wearer. Mending, patching, customizing, tailoring, these are all words that describe the building of community. Our own notions of self, torn fragments of society, all patched together to create a semblance of wholeness.

I became fascinated with imagery of drainage tubes used post top surgery. They are so cell like with tubes like veins; so similar to thread and stitching. And the gauze, tape, and scabbing became rich imagery like quilting. It is all of these aspects of cuts and mends, healing, surgery, metamorphosis, that are such a part of my daily conversations and common understanding.”


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