Fresh Meat Festival 2024 Community Class: Into the Mystery

Date & Time:


Joe Goode Performance Group

401 Alabama Street San Francisco, CA 94110


Merging the worlds of acoustic and electronic, spiritual and material. Blu Moon is offering a portal of rest, exploration, movement or play. An improvised channeling of sacred sounds and playful mystery. What can emerge when there’s space to explore and rest?


Experimenting with sound originated from experiencing it initially as a source of ritual, of praise – a direct connect with God. It was the Black worship music in the deep South, the improvisational sounds of resistance, struggle, and love (aka Jazz) paired with the discovery of House music that has transformed the sounds of Blu Moon’s heart. Currently they oscillate between spinning and producing Afro diasporic electronic dance music with house at the center + exploratory trance inducing sound baths with their 7000COILS label mates, other Black queer musicians and solo. Conjuring – shifting – expanding – grooving.


  • Joe Goode Annex entrance, lobby, bathrooms and studio space are wheelchair accessible.
  • Joe Goode Annex bathrooms are all-gender.
  • This workshop will feature ASL Interpretation: please let us know when you’re coming (email
  • KN95 masks will be provided and required for this event.
  • Participants are required to be KN95 masked for the entirety of their time inside the building. Our staff will provide KN95 masks to everyone before they enter the building (unless someone’s disability, chronic illness or health condition means they cannot wear a mask).
  • By attending the Fresh Meat Festival, you agree to the following: 1) You do not have any signs of contagious illness (COVID or otherwise), including pink eye, that aren’t fully explained by a non-contagious health condition that you have; and 2) If you have had COVID, it’s been at least 10 days since your first symptoms or positive test if you were asymptomatic.

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