Fresh Meat Festival 2024 Community Class: You’re My Queero!

Date & Time:


Joe Goode Performance Group

401 Alabama Street San Francisco, CA 94110

To kick off the 2024 FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL, Fresh Meat Productions is excited to announce a new series of classes on Thursday June 13 at the nearby Joe Goode Annex.


Think of it as training to be our own heroes in times that are meant to destroy us. This offering involves guided improvisation, using somatic scores that nourish our soft parts and cultivate our expansive superpowers. We will use strength and endurance training to sharpen our edges, and phrase work as a practice of collective flocking. There will also be a designated space to rest, recuperate or observe throughout. This space is open to all and can be approached with as much ease or rigor as is right for you. I’m still recovering from top surgery, so I’ll be figuring things out alongside you as we co-create together. I’m excited to have DJ BluMoon (aka B Dukes) weaving the soundscape with us. Afterwards we’ll walk outside, hopefully feeling a little more connected and ready to show up for our tender world in a time of gen0cide. Let’s go!


Becca Dean (they/them) is a dancer and associate artistic director of BANDALOOP who has performed across 6 continents, in theaters, nightclubs, stadiums, on skyscrapers, cliffs and cranes. They have performed at Santiago a Mil International Theater Festival, Mupa Budapest, Flux Projects Atlanta, Barents Spektakle Norway and in the American Music Awards with P!NK. Becca has worked with Joe Goode Performance Group, Flyaway Productions, Fogbeast and Kathleen Hermesdorf. They facilitate dance to people with Parkinson’s, mindful movement to veterans and engage in choreographic residencies in public high schools across the Bay, using site-specific dance and storytelling to imagine new worlds. Becca holds a BFA in modern dance from the University of Utah and is a graduate of the Moving On Center School of Somatic and Participatory Arts. Their movement practice is informed by vertical dance, modern/contemporary dance, Persian martial arts and the ongoing collective work of dismantling internalized white supremacy, capitalism and all the isms and schisms that make us forget our wholeness.


  • Joe Goode Annex entrance, lobby, bathrooms and studio space are wheelchair accessible.
  • Joe Goode Annex bathrooms are all-gender.
  • This workshop will feature ASL Interpretation: please let us know when you’re coming (email
  • KN95 masks will be provided and required for this event.
  • Participants are required to be KN95 masked for the entirety of their time inside the building. Our staff will provide KN95 masks to everyone before they enter the building (unless someone’s disability, chronic illness or health condition means they cannot wear a mask).
  • By attending the Fresh Meat Festival, you agree to the following: 1) You do not have any signs of contagious illness (COVID or otherwise), including pink eye, that aren’t fully explained by a non-contagious health condition that you have; and 2) If you have had COVID, it’s been at least 10 days since your first symptoms or positive test if you were asymptomatic.

[Image Description: A black and white photo shows Becca sitting at the entrance to their home. They are propping up their head with folded hands and have a peaceful smile as they look directly into the camera. They are wearing a baseball cap over their curly dark hair. They are shirtless, with top surgery scars on their chest. They have tattoos of sun rays on their left shoulder, a knife along their right forearm and a shedding snake on their right bicep. In the background, slightly out of focus, is a tall shelf with books, an altar and a potted ficus tree.]

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