Fresh Meat in the Gallery V: Riots & Revelations

A Fresh Meat in the Gallery Exhibition

Dates: June 7 – July 12, 2008
Venue: San Francisco LGBT Community Center – 3rd floor
1800 Market Street @ Octavia, San Francisco [map]
Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri Noon-10pm; Sat 9am-10pm; Sun closed
Admission: Free
Opening reception: Saturday June 7, 6-10pm
LGBT Community Center – 1800 Market Street, San Francisco

Fresh Meat in the Gallery is a groundbreaking, rule-breaking annual exhibition of transgender and gender variant artists. The first and only exhibition of its kind in the nation, Fresh Meat in the Gallery celebrates its Fifth Anniversary this year!

This year’s exhibition, Riots and Revelations, asks: How have riots and revelations been part of our histories and how they will shape the future? How do we find peace in a time of war on our bodies and communities? How are communities around the world rising up? What new ways of living are being revealed for the future? Transgender and gender variant artists from across the nation and around the world respond with innovative, startling, moving new work.

Riots and Revelations features work by: Jillian Soto, Danyol, Maya Christina Gonzalez, Miss Day, Noelle Walker, Alex Smith, Aryn Zev, Gariel R. Felix, Henry Schneiderman, R. Sandler, Rae Strozzo, Sela Davis, Simon Croft, Stacey Wexler, Truc Thanh Nguyen, Valerie Amedee, Woo, Miles Conrad and Wolf Israel. Learn more about these artists.

Fresh Meat in the Gallery V: Riots and Revelations is presented in conjunction with the 2008 Fresh Meat Festival, an annual festival of transgender and queer performance (see listing above). Riots and Revelations is presented by Fresh Meat Productions, the Queer Cultural Center and the San Francisco LGBT Community Center, and is a featured part of the National Queer Arts Festival.



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