Fresh Meat in the Gallery

The Third Annual Transgender Visual Art Exhibition

Phalloplasty by Emmett Ramstad
Kegan by Shane Young
Dates: June 4 – June 30, 2006
Location: ODC Theater Gallery (3153 17th Street at Shotwell, SF)
Gallery hours: Wednesday-Saturday 2pm-5pm
(the Gallery is also open during the nights the Theater has performances)
Admission: FREE
Opening Reception: June 16, post-performance (Fresh Meat 2006)

Fresh Meat Productions’ Third Annual Fresh Meat in the Gallery is an historic exhibition of visual art by transgender, genderqueer and gender variant artists. Featuring sculpture, photography, paintings, mixed media and crafts from around the world, the annual exhibit runs June 4-30, 2006 at ODC Theater Gallery.

Fresh Meat in the Gallery creates a visual dialogue about gender, the body and society. It is a conversation with and about subjects often left unseen or undiscussed, both within the queer community and society at large. Featured artist and genderqueer printmaker Emmett Ramstad says, “This artwork is about me, my community, changing bodies, my body.”

Fresh Meat in the Gallery artists featured include Jesse Evan Freidin, James Giotta, Shiloh Burton, Crash/Guerrilla Boi Studios, Carol Ceres, Max Ferman, Daniela Wüstenberg aka Hank Bobbit, Chris Carraher aka Jackadandy, Dylan Vade, Shane Young, Emmett Ramstad, Ryan Buchholz, Robb Schaller aka Paliuli, Ethan Bach, Bobby Cheung, Reverend Michel St. Germain, Stacy Nathaniel Jackson, Mim Weisburd, Billie Mandel, eddie gesso.


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