Image Descriptions

We try to provide image descriptions or alt text for all of our visual material online for viewers who are blind or have low vision. It is important to us that artists get to self-identify and self-describe.

Here’s an example of how an image description would read: StormMiguel, a light skinned brown Xicane trans man wears a brown suit and plays guitar. He sits on a chair with a traditional Mexican sarape draped over the back.

Some main points we need: description of person/people in the photo, actions in photo, anything else important in the photo. Some of these things might be: location, objects, instruments, types of clothing, hair styles, race and ethnicity, gender, physical body descriptions, facial expressions <— ONLY if these feel like a central theme in the photo or an important identifier to the people in the photo.

It’s helpful to keep the description as simple as possible.

Feel free to email our Access Coordinator StormMiguel Florez ( with any questions you might have.

Thanks so much!