On-Demand: 2nd annual Weaving Spirits Festival

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Weaving Spirits & Fresh Meat Productions Present: Continuing our Dances Queerly 

A more accessible panel discussion w/ Indigenous and LGBTQ+ Dance Makers, facilitated by Cuauhtémoc Peranda.

An on-demand screening of the panel that occurred on in March 2022 at CounterPulse, Yelamu/San Francisco with Closed Captioning, ASL, and English-to-Spanish interpretation.

This panel brings together LGBTQ+ artists and scholars to discuss the political impacts of our work, and the specific tensions, violence, and healing traditional dance engages. We ask each other, and ourselves: What are we currently fighting for in our arts? How are we continuing our legacies of dances of our peoples? And how are we doing our work with our queerness?

Kawika Keikiali’ihiwahiwa Alfiche
Sherente Harris
Arturo Magaña
Cuauhtémoc Peranda, facilitator

Weaving Spirits Festival of Two-Spirit Performance brings together local and national Native American artists whose powerful performance offerings range from traditional song, to modern dance, and drag.

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