Sean Dorsey and Small Trans Library Dublin honor LOU SULLIVAN

Photo of Sean Dorsey by Lydia Daniller

Photo of Sean Dorsey by Lydia Daniller

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Dublin, Ireland

As part of Sean Dorsey Dance’s 20th Anniversary Season, Sean Dorsey will be featured at two events in Dublin, Ireland –presented by Small Trans Library Dublin. (Learn more about the other event here!)

On Friday March 29, Dorsey will be featured at a special event presented by Small Trans Library Dublin –an evening of readings and video honoring Lou Sullivan. Local Dublin artists and activists will read from “We Both Laughed In Pleasure: The Selected Diaries of Lou Sullivan,” and Dorsey will share video excerpts from Sean Dorsey Dance’s “Lou”.

“Lou” is a suite of dances that Dorsey choreographed and Sean Dorsey Dance performed and toured in 2008 and 2009. To create ‘Lou’, Dorsey researched the lifelong journals of Lou Sullivan (1951-1991), a transsexual gay man who lived and died in San Francisco and was a trailblazing activist, organizer and writer. Sullivan broke down countless barriers for transpeople and was literally a friend to hundreds and inspiration to thousands.

Before his death, Sullivan bequeathed 30 years of his journals, letters and papers to the GLBT Historical Society in order to leave a companion for other transsexual and transgender people, to educate and open minds, and to ensure that the progress he had struggled a lifetime for would not be lost.

To create ‘Lou’, Dorsey spent a year reading and researching this collection, hand-transcribed hundreds of diary entries, distilled and narrated 30 years of Sullivan’s journal writings into an original soundscore, and choreographed a suite of dances based on Sullivan’s remarkable journey.

Sean Dorsey doing archival research and hand-transcribing
Lou Sullivan’s diaries (San Francisco GLBT Historical Society’s collection) in 2008. Photo by Lydia Daniller.

Lou Sullivan (in 1981) – photo courtesy of San Francisco
GLBT Historical Society.
Lou Sullivan (in 1983) – photo courtesy of San Francisco
GLBT Historical Society.
Close-up photo of a page from Lou Sullivan’s diaries (part of the Lou Sullivan Collection at the San Francisco GLBT Historical Society). Photo by Lydia Daniller.