12pm-3pm PST


Performance showcase tickets: $10
Industry Tickets (artist panel AND performance showcase): $25

ACCESS NOTES: This virtual event will have ASL interpretation and live captioning

Sean Dorsey Dance is thrilled to be featured at QueerDanceCon! Artistic Director Sean Dorsey is part of the Artist Panel, and Sean Dorsey Dance is a featured artist in the online Performance Showcase. Don’t miss this historic event!

QueerDanceCon is organized and presented by Dear Queer Dancer. Fresh Meat Productions is a proud Community Sponsor of this incredible online gathering.

QueerDanceCon brings the LGBTQI+ dance community together to network, inspire each other, and build creative opportunities.

ACCESS NOTES: This virtual event will have ASL interpretation and live captioning.

Invitees Include:⁠

  • Allied theatre directors and venue owners who want to support LGBTQ+ dance works⁠
  • ⁠LGBTQ+ Dancers and Choreographers⁠
  • Allied arts administrators who want to learn more about supporting LGBTQ+ dance projects⁠
  • Queer and trans somatic practitioners and dance therapists⁠

PERFORMANCE TICKETS are for anyone who wants to experience dance performances featuring the unmatched talent of queer and trans performers from across the globe. This 50-minute showcase features a diverse cast of incredible queer and trans performers. You will walk away in awe at how they use their artistry to leave you feeling sensations of joy, healing, and freedom!⁠

INDUSTRY TICKETS include performance passes but are exclusively for LGBTQ+ folks working in dance or allies working in tandem to its advancement. Artist panels feature dance industry leaders having candid conversations about the intersections of queerness, dance, and carving the ideal career path! Networking rooms are featured on the topics: Producing Your Big Dream, Art as Activism, Dance as Healing, Multitalented Innovators, and Justice is Intersectional.⁠

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