Sean Dorsey Dance performs at the 2024 FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL of trans & queer performance

Photo of Sean Dorsey Dance by Kegan Marling

Sean Dorsey Dance performs at the
2024 FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL of trans & queer performance

Full lineup announced: May 13
Tickets go on sale: May 13

Date & Time:


Z Space
450 Florida Street
San Francisco, CA

SEAN DORSEY DANCE performs in Program A:
Friday 6/21 8pm (with ASL interpretation)
Saturday 6/22 2pm  (with ASL interpretation)


Saturday 6/22 8pm  (with ASL interpretation)
Sunday 6/23 2pm  (with ASL interpretation)

SAVE THE DATE! Sean Dorsey Dance performs a world premiere at the 23rd annual FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL of trans and queer performance. Don’t miss this short sneak peek of the company’s next full-length show – part of a stunning lineup of trans and queer performers!

This year is Sean Dorsey Dance’s 20th Anniversary Season. The FESTIVAL will also feature world premieres by FRESH WORKS! Commissioned artists CHRISTOPHER SMITH, Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi, LBXX, and Mark Travis Rivera …plus many more artists and ensembles!

Full lineup announced – and tickets on sale – May 13, 2024.


  • Z Space’s entrance, lobby, bathrooms and audience seating areas are all wheelchair accessible.
  • The front row of theater seats are at floor level; all other rows of seating are on risers and require climbing stairs. The front row will be reserved for accessible seating, wheelchair users, mobility-device users, and people who would like to use extra-wide, armless chairs. 
  • The front row of seating features armless chairs; all other chairs in the theater have non-moveable arms.
  • If you need to reserve accessible seating, please email us at Please specify your access need (eg. if you’re a wheelchair user coming with one companion; if you need an extra-wide, armless chair; if you need to be seated in the ASL seating area).
  • Z Space’s bathrooms are all-gender.
  • Identification (ID) is not required to purchase or pick up tickets.


  • Audience is required to be KN95 masked for the entirety of their time inside the building. Our staff will provide KN95 masks to everyone before they enter the building (unless someone’s disability, chronic illness or health condition means they cannot wear a mask).
  • By attending the Fresh Meat Festival, you agree to the following:
    • You do not have any signs of contagious illness (COVID or otherwise), including pink eye, that aren’t fully explained by a non-contagious health condition that you have
    • If you have had COVID, it’s been at least 10 days since your first symptoms or positive test if you were asymptomatic.