Sean Dorsey performs at New York’s Fresh Fruit Festival

Date: Saturday, July 22, 2006 @ 7:00pm
Location: Abingdon Theater
(312 West 36th Street, NY NY)
Tickets: 212-868-4444 or

The Fresh Fruit Festival is New York’s acclaimed LGBT performance festival — theater, performance, poetry, comedy, spoken word, music, dance, visual arts and some talents that defy categorization. Artists come from around the city, the nation and the world. Australia, Canada, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego and all of New York City’s boroughs and suburbs have been represented.

This year, Artistic Director Sean Dorsey performs audience favorite ‘Creative’ at the Fresh Fruit Festival. Creative is a humorous dance theater solo that turns the very serious phenomenon of childhood ‘gender correction therapy’ on its head. Dorsey plays a self-assured transgendered 13-year-old forced to endure his guidance counselor’s attempts to ‘redirect’ his gender expression. The results are unexpected: Dorsey turns the tables on the adults and the results are powerful, hilarious and revealing.

In Creative, Dorsey embodies the Queer adolescence so many of us survived – by being at turns sassy, brassy, vulnerable and fragile. Navigating his way through the oppressive strictures of the grown-ups around him, Dorsey is forced to decide between fitting in or being ‘out’.

“hilarious and touching”
(SF Bay Times)

“hilarious … doesn’t strike one false note; ‘Guidance Gary’ is the Church Lady all over again, a fabulous character”
(DanceView Times)

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