Sean Dorsey teaches “MOVING INTO NOURISHMENT” Online Workshop at American University in conjunction with Dance Place (Washington DC)

Wednesday November 11
5pm-6:30pm PDT / 8pm-9:30pm EDT

 As an invited guest of American University, Sean Dorsey will teach an ONLINE workshop “MOVING INTO NOURISHMENT” in conjunction with Dance Place (Washington DC). In this 90-minute workshop, Dorsey will guide us through an embodied nourishment practice.

Acknowledging the layers of daily trauma and the states of emergency facing so many of our communities long before COVID-19 hit – along with the new fears, anxiety, depression, uncertainty and loss that the current pandemic is causing, Dorsey invites us into breath, ritual, meditation and movement that can connect and replenish us at this challenging time.

What nourishing resources are available to us in this moment? What is lodged in our bodies in this moment? What can be freed? What needs to arise and be spoken? What would Liberation feel like in our bodies? How can we create/find space to DREAM?

This workshop is open to students of American University and invited guests of Dance Place. Participants are asked to please:
– arrive to their Zoom screens wearing comfortable clothing, with space to move
– have a journal or writing paper, as well as several pens available
– please change your Zoom name to include your pronoun/s
[example: “Sean (he/him) Dorsey”
or “Lethua (she/they) James”]


Questions or access needs/accommodations? Please contact Britta Peterson at