LGBT/AIDS Oral History Project

Sean Dorsey travels to Boston to record oral histories with LGBTQ elders
December 18-21, 2011

Secret love affairs, the history of outlawing love and the underground ways that transgender and queer people found each other through the decades are revealed in the powerful dances of Sean Dorsey Dance’s upcoming new show The Secret History Of Love. Over the past two years, Sean Dorsey has been uncovering the ways that queer and transgender people managed to find – and love – each other in decades past. To create the new work, Sean has been doing extensive archival research and conducting and recording oral history interviews with LGBTQ elders.

After working with elders in the Bay Area in 2010 and 2011, Sean will be visiting Boston and working with the show’s Lead National Commissioner The Theater Offensive to meet with and record oral histories of LGBTQ elders in Boston in December 2011.

Sean says, “I am unbelievably lucky to be trusted with these elders’ stories and life stories. This process is such a joy. These elders’ stories have been moving, emotional, insightful, racy, and more than anything… inspiring. How much we owe to our LGBTQ forefathers and foremothers!”

Watch for the San Francisco premiere of The Secret History Of Love March 29 – April 1, 2012 at Dance Mission Theater. Read more about The Secret History Of Love.