Sean Dorsey’s AT WATERS EDGE screens at Super Shorts Film Festival in London!

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BFI Stephen Street
21 Stephen Street

AT WATER’S EDGE: Sean Dorsey Dance’s dance films, “AT WATER’S EDGE” and”PLACE/PORTAL” (choreographed/directed/edited by Sean Dorsey) is screening at the 2023 Super Shorts Film Festival in London!

Winding through rocky coves and dramatic ocean cliffs, AT WATER’S EDGE juxtaposes trans and queer bodies in motion with water — mutable, flowing, ever-transforming. Featuring mesmerizing queer dance, AT WATER’S EDGE is part of a series of dance films created as part of Sean Dorsey Dance’s THE LOST ART OF DREAMING project. (Other films in the series include PLACE/PORTAL and SEEK/AFTER.) THE LOST ART OF DREAMING is an invitation to embrace expansive imagination, reconnect with longing, connect with joy and pleasure, and propel ourselves toward loving Futures.

AT WATER’S EDGE features movement created and performed by Sean Dorsey and Nol Simonse (Sean Dorsey Dance); cinematography by Annalise Ophelian; choreography/direction/editing by Sean Dorsey; original music by Anomie Belle; costumes by Tiffany Amundson; and production assistance by Shawna Virago.