TRANS-FRIENDLY ALL-LEVELS IMPROV DANCE CLASS SERIES (FREE!) With Sean Dorsey Dance company dancer Héctor Jaime

Photo of Hector Jaime dancing
Photo of Héctor Jaime by Kegan Marling

Saturday May 28: 12pm-12:45pm (English)
Saturday May 28: 1pm-1:45pm (Español)

Wednesday June 29: 5pm-5:50pm (Español)
Wednesday June 29: 6pm-6:50pm (English)

(Note: you can come to one class or all of them – just make sure you pre-register by emailing:

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On Zoom!


Come to one class, or come to all four in this FREE class series! It’s FREE! You need to register by emailing: and tell us which class/es you want to register for.

These classes are for ALL levels, including TERRIFIED beginners! Taught by Sean Dorsey Dance company dancer Héctor Jaime (artistic director, XOCHIPILLI DANCE COMPANY).


This class is an online guided improv class. People from different age groups have taken this class with and without prior experience in dance. The class includes a variation of prompts such as warm-up, respiratory system, nervous system, circulatory system, musculoskeletal system, circulatory system, and then in breaks into an investigation of the body through movement.

We are often represented in music by sounds that we are able to recognize. We all recognize melody, different emotions, and sensations that music is able to transmit. Researching for music that changes the ambiance and give dancers the opportunity to listen to new music, provides a sensation that everyone in this room is experiencing something similar. Therefore they belong together in space and time. Even if the movement is not the same as others, there are others around them (or on screen) exploring the same ideas with different outcomes. 

This is a judgement-free space, where all are welcome. Come move your body, in space, with other humans, to music! Deepen your breath, get a little sweaty, and hopefully find some joy. We’d love to have you.


HÉCTOR JAIME (they/she/he) Héctor was born and raised in Mexicali, Baja California, México. They began their training with Manuel Torres in El Centro Estatal de las Artes (CEART) and attended a couple of summer intensives in the US throughout high school. They were one of the recipients of The Herb Alpert Foundation Scholarship when they attended the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) in 2015. Héctor graduated from the Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet BFA Program in San Francisco affiliated with Dominican University of California. Post graduation, they had the opportunity to be a member of Sean Dorsey Dance, Dawson Dance SF, and have an appearance in the dance film titled “Falling Up” directed by Detour Dance Company and Maurya Kerr. Héctor has always been inclined to teaching and is now a ballet instructor at Stapleton School of  Arts and a teaching artist with the Alonzo King LINES Ballet’s HeART with LINES program. Recently, Hector became part of the 2022 LatinXtensions Cohort, a 12-month program advising emerging Latinx dance artists in developing their professional artistic practice. Encouraging them to start their own company “Xochipilli Dance Company” based in the Bay Area. 


  • YIKES! I’M AFRAID TO DANCE IN PUBLIC! We know that transgender, non-binary and LGBTQ people often don’t feel welcome, safe or comfortable in dance studios or classes … so please know this is truly going to be a super-friendly environment! And you can dance from the safety of your own home!
  • WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Wear clothing that you’re comfortable in – and that you can move freely around in (including laying on the floor). Please wear sweatpants, loose shorts, loose pants, leggings or any other comfortable bottoms and a comfortable shirt. You can dance in socks or in bare feet or shoes.
  • CAN I WEAR LEGWARMERS AND A SPARKLY HEADBAND? Heck yeah! Let’s make our dance space as playful and fun as you want it!
  • WAIT A SECOND: I’M NOT “IN SHAPE” … CAN I STILL JOIN? Heck yeah! This is for all levels, all bodies, all heart rates! You can sit down or rest or cheer from the sidelines at any time you need to!
  • NO REALLY, I’M TERRIFIED … SHOULD I STILL JOIN? Heck yeah! This is a supportive, loving environment that is super supportive and welcoming of the terrified! Being really nervous or scared is a really common and normal feeling, and we understand what it feels like. Please come and join us!