VIDEO: Audience responses to the THE MISSING GENERATION

AUDIENCE responses to THE MISSING GENERATION at Opening Night in San Francisco (May 2016). THE MISSING GENERATION is an award-winning dance based on oral history interviews with longtime survivors of the early AIDS epidemic. Now on a 20-city tour!


This powerful show is a love letter to a forgotten generation of survivors – those who witnessed and experienced the loss of part of an entire generation of gay/bi and transgender people to AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s.

Sean Dorsey created the work over a 2-year period by recording oral history interviews with transgender and LGBT longtime survivors of the early AIDS epidemic, doing archival research, and hosting Community Residencies in 6 cities across the US.

THE MISSING GENERATION features full-throttle dance, luscious partnering and intimate storytelling – performed by Dorsey’s stellar, multi-generational ensemble of dancers: Sean Dorsey, Brian Fisher, ArVejon Jones and Nol Simonse. Sean Dorsey is a transgender and queer choreographer who has toured his work to 26 cities across the US.

Dorsey created a lush multi-layered soundscore (awarded an Isadora Duncan Dance Award) featuring the voices and remarkable real-life stories recorded in these oral history interviews, Dorsey’s own writing, and original music from a stellar team of composers: Alex Kelly, Jesse Olsen Bay, Ben Kessler, and Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney.

THE MISSING GENERATION is currently touring to 20 cities across the US during week-long Community Residencies that will feature community conversations; master classes; free trans-friendly dance workshops; “Dance Your Story” self-expression workshops for LGBTQ people and people living with HIV/AIDS; and other custom-designed residency activities.

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FILMED & EDITED BY: StormMiguel Florez